Scenic view of trees at camp

Opening Summer at the Ridge

by Chelsea ConnorPosted Sep 17, 2018


Summer 2018 marked the first summer we officially had a just-for-high-schoolers camp in Central Texas, and what a summer it was! Our Central Texas teams worked crazy hard to finish all the final details to make this camp excellent and (of course) seriously fun! We had a Ridge dedication ceremony during staff orientation, and we […]

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Recruiting: Above and Beyond

by Chelsea ConnorPosted Sep 11, 2018


It’s the time of year when our camp teams are all out on the road, recruiting next summer’s awesome Pine Cove staff. While many college students are familiar with Pine Cove from either being a camper themselves or hearing about it while growing up, the vast majority of our staff are encouraged to apply from […]

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How To Plan A Retreat

by Valerie MorbyPosted Sep 10, 2018


Planning a retreat for your group can be a big challenge. Whether you’re organizing an event for your church, school, office, or any other type of group, there are a lot of questions to keep in mind! And many of those questions should be posed to the retreat facility you’re considering using. Here are a […]

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Fun(ny) Consequences

by Chelsea ConnorPosted Aug 29, 2018


We do a lot of things to keep things seriously fun around Pine Cove, but one favorite among staff has been inspired by a little healthy competition. We’ve all played games where the winner gets a prize. But what about games where the loser has to do a consequence? That’s when things can really get […]

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Forge Testimonial

by Evan RobertsPosted Aug 21, 2018


Recently, we got the chance to sit down with Tyler “The Beast” Tomasino, the work crew director at the Woods in 2018 and a Forge alumnus. As he ate his breakfast, Tyler told us about his experience with the Forge program this past year and how it has impacted his life. “I was expecting the […]

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Summer 2018: Staff Perspective

by Kristen MurphyPosted Aug 15, 2018

Last week we told you some fun facts and stats all about our campers. But this time, it’s the staffers’ turn! Check out how many people served at Pine Cove this summer, a few of our favorite camp names, and what our staff had to say about their time at camp!

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Upcoming Registration Dates

by Chelsea ConnorPosted Aug 10, 2018


Believe it or not, we are already counting down the days till next summer, and we can’t wait! August is the time of year we start making big plans for 2019, and here’s the information you might want to know: Start Switching Weeks: August 22 It’s true, you can only pre-register for the week you […]

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Staff Favorites: Book Recommendations

by Chelsea ConnorPosted Aug 10, 2018


It’s always fun to have a new book to read, right? We asked our full-time staff for their top reading recommendations, and they gave us a great list! Theology Gospel: Recovering the Power that Made Christianity Revolutionary by J.D. Greear – “This is one of my favorites because it speaks the truths of the gospel […]

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Summer 2018 Recap: Camper Edition

by Kristen MurphyPosted Aug 9, 2018

We can talk about what happened this summer for days on end, but instead of just writing about it, we thought we’d show you some of our favorite things from this summer, from a camper perspective!

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Celebrating Christmas—in July!

by Chelsea ConnorPosted Aug 1, 2018


Things that don’t usually go together: Santa Claus and waterskiing. But this is camp! Christmas in July is one of our favorite traditions to celebrate. Campers who happen to be at camp on July 25th (this year it was during Week 9) get the special treat of celebrating Christmas for a whole day during one […]

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