Scenic view of trees at camp

Critter Room Spotlight

by Pine CovePosted Oct 23, 2017

Does Pine Cove have a zoo? Not exactly. But, we do have an Institute of Wilderness Studies (IWS)! There are two locations, one in East Texas and another in Central Texas. At both locations, there are several different types of animals which are cared for and used to teach students more about God’s creation. Get […]

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From Camper to Staff

Posted Oct 23, 2017


The night before camp begins, campers are too excited to sleep. The anticipation of riding water rockets, jumping off the blob, and reconnecting with old friends overrides any desire for rest. At least, that was the case for Whitney Young who attended Pine Cove as a youth camper every summer from 2005 to 2014. She […]

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Staff Feature: Colton “Toad” Venner

Posted Oct 23, 2017


What are the personalities behind Pine Cove? There are the head honchos that everyone is familiar with. There’s the directors of camps who lead the charge. Then, there’s the lesser-known program directors and resident staffers. Who are they? What are they like? This article is the first in a series to help you get to know […]

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Summer Trends

by Pine CovePosted Oct 23, 2017


Over the years, Pine Cove has seen all manner of trends come through the gates and take over the camp. For example, in 2010, silly bandz were a thing. It’s 2017, and we want to share a few of this summer’s trends. Overall, the biggest summer 2017 trend is… fidget spinners! Campers and staffers brought […]

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Time To Unplug

Posted Oct 23, 2017


The start of a new semester brings out a lot: excitement, new clothes, stuffed backpacks, 543 papers for parents to sign off on every night, sports practices, new music lessons, homework assignments, and, more than likely, stress. Most of what comes with a new semester is fun and good, but all those “fun and good” […]

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The Gospel Cheer

by Kathryn ShoafPosted Aug 15, 2017

Worship at Camp in the City

At Pine Cove, we have a cheer for nearly everything: Bible study, lunch, free time, sitting down, club, soup, cleaning, and competition represent only a handful of our chants. We cheer because we are excited about every aspect of camp. But the most important thing that we do at Pine Cove is share God’s story […]

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Staff Feature: Jenny “Whistle Toe” Sowers

by Mikaleh OffermanPosted Jul 27, 2017

Jenny Sowers

Jenny “Whistle Toe” Sowers graduated from the University of Oklahoma (OU) in 2008 with a degree in language arts education. She served as a summer staffer at the Ranch, and then transitioned into working in registration, and finally came to the Woods in 2012 as the Women’s Director. Whistle Toe guides the girls staff at […]

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MomCamp 2017

by Kayla SimsPosted Jul 25, 2017

Moms at the ropes course

A conference just for MOMS?! Yep, MomCamp is all about moms and their relationship with the Lord… while getting to enjoy the best parts of camp! We had more than 250 moms at the Shores and Bluffs this past April for a jam-packed weekend! The best part about the weekend was the life-change that we […]

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When You Don’t See the Fruit

by Kathryn ShoafPosted Jul 18, 2017

Campers talking at the Shores

If you’ve worked at Pine Cove this summer, you are likely heading back to college soon. For the past several weeks and months, you jumped as high as twelve phonebooks. You clapped to countless Birthday Raps. You strove to win Pit-n-Palace on a daily basis, and you mastered a dance to every song on the […]

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What To Expect On Your First Day Of Camp

by Mikaleh OffermanPosted Jun 28, 2017

Young camper with silly string

Nervous about camp? Don’t be! Whether it’s your first time at youth camp, family camp, or day camp, opening day can be overwhelming if you don’t know what to expect. Thankfully, Pine Cove has a solution: this article! Expect… Lots of excitement. If there’s one word to describe opening day it’s “hype.” Picture lots of cheering, […]

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