Scenic view of trees at camp

Finding Community After Camp

by Elizabeth MoorePosted Nov 13, 2018


Staff often walk away from their summer at Pine Cove and wonder, “How do I get community like that in real life?” Because one of the most valuable, lasting treasures from a summer at Pine Cove is the community. Relationships are built with people who uphold you when you’re weak, challenge you when you’re coasting, […]

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Staff Favorites: Board Game Recommendations

by Chelsea ConnorPosted Nov 13, 2018


We love a good game night any day of the year, but the holiday season definitely brings out some of the best nights for board games. After feasting with your family and friends—and after the football games—nothing quite brings the group together (or shows everyone’s true colors) like a competitive game of Catch Phrase. Maybe […]

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Staff Alumni: Where Are They Now?

by Chelsea ConnorPosted Nov 6, 2018


We search high and low every year to find the best college students to work on Pine Cove summer staff. Our camp teams travel to universities all over the nation to interview thousands of applicants each year. In 2018, we hired 1800 college students to work at camp, and we’ve grown every year since Pine […]

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From Cove Kids to Cove Kids Staff

by Maggie CoffeyPosted Nov 6, 2018


For the Steeves family, rolling into the Bluffs family camp in 2003 was a first-time family camp vacation. Little did they know, as they entered the gates, that their daughter would eventually make the transition from camper to counselor, and from being served to serving others. Kat “Drops” Steeves (far left) was one of the […]

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Staff Profile: TJ “Philly” Connor

by Evan RobertsPosted Oct 30, 2018


We sat down with Timbers camp director TJ “Philly” Connor this summer to get to know him a little bit better, and his stories had us laughing in no time. How did you end up at Pine Cove? My Pine Cove story is different than most. I grew up in Philadelphia, and for college I […]

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What Would Your Camp Name Be?

by Jenny SowersPosted Oct 30, 2018


The questions range from silly to serious. Past to present to future. Sports to books. Favorite moments to least favorites. And pretty much anything else. And the thing about it? Whomever is being asked has absolutely no control. The audience does the asking and the naming. How it goes down: The Name Game song is […]

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Favorite Theme Night Costumes

by Chelsea ConnorPosted Oct 23, 2018


At camp, we love costumes. Give us any excuse to dress up, and we are all in! Whether we are dressing up to be in a skit, to perform a birthday rap, or to participate in a theme night, we love going all out in the costume department. This summer, we had some hilarious theme […]

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Tailgates with Pine Cove

by Chelsea ConnorPosted Oct 23, 2018


If we had to choose a favorite season of the year, it would 100% be summer, for obvious reasons! But fall comes in a close second place. There’s a lot to love about the lower temperatures, the changing leaves, and of course, the football. Our camp teams spend a lot of the fall out on […]

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Azalea Updates

by Chelsea ConnorPosted Oct 16, 2018


The Azalea cabins have been a fixture at the Woods since 1968. We love them, and lots of campers love them. People tell us all the time about how they have “stayed in Azalea 202 every summer from the time their kids were babies ‘til they became counselors,” and that is definitely a lot of […]

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For Your Next Game Night…

by Chelsea ConnorPosted Oct 16, 2018


It probably won’t surprise you to find out that staff meetings at Pine Cove typically include some sort of “seriously fun” element. For example, Chapel in East Texas always starts out with some friendly competition, that usually borders on ridiculous. “A game with a twist,” they often say. Some of you may have seen examples […]

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