Scenic view of trees at camp

Staff Favorites: Christmas Books for Kids

by Anna BirchPosted Dec 16, 2020

girl staff reading

There’s just something so cozy about gathering as a family around a fire or the Christmas tree and reading a book together. We asked some of our staff, family members, and friends of Pine Cove to share which books are current and perennial favorites in their homes during Christmas. We hope these inspire you to […]

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2020 Pine Cove Gift Guide

by Pine CovePosted Dec 1, 2020

Christmas Tree

Let’s face it: this has been a crazy year, and gift-giving can be stressful. Let us take some stress off your plate and share our third annual Gift Guide with you! This list is filled with tons of recommendations from our summer and full-time staff. Whether you’re shopping for your teenage daughter or father-in-law, we’ve […]

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Relational Recruiting

by Anna BirchPosted Nov 11, 2020

summer staff circle

Have you ever wondered what our full-time camp teams do during the other nine months of the year? Much of it is spent preparing for the next summer, pouring into current college staff, and recruiting new staff. Since recruiting makes up a substantial part of the year, it begs the question: HOW do we find […]

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An Interview with Reed

by Pine CovePosted Nov 4, 2020


Summer 2020 was undoubtedly one of our most unusual summers, not only for us but also for the families we serve. We sat down with Reed Livesay, Pine Cove’s President and CEO, to get his thoughts about how camp went this past summer in the midst of a most unusual and tumultuous season for our […]

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Colorful Camp Names

by Anna BirchPosted Oct 20, 2020


As the leaves change color and our decor goes from bright summer colors to warm fall colors, we couldn’t help wondering what camp names are about colors. Here are some that grabbed our attention and of course made us laugh! Let’s kick it off…. All the Colors of the Rainwhoa Otter-Color Broseph and the Amazing […]

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Working Together to Reap a Harvest

by Kelcie HuffsticklerPosted Oct 20, 2020


Combines dot the outskirts of my small town this time of year. They trek down row after row, from morning ‘til night, gathering rice, corn, and soybeans from the fields. It’s harvest season. And though it’s hard work, this is the time when farmers get to reap what they sowed during the labor-intensive spring. Harvest […]

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Full-Time Staff Moves and Changes

by Miranda LehmanPosted Oct 13, 2020


We have incredible leadership at Pine Cove. From the top down, the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the main thing! With multiple regions and needs for lots of leaders in various roles, there are plenty of opportunities for our staff to jump into new roles and even move to different regions. Here is a quick […]

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Looking Back to Aim Forward

by Katelyn SullinsPosted Oct 7, 2020


The storyline of the Bible shows that people have always had the tendency to forget what God has done, though He calls His people to find ways to remember His awesome deeds. Visual media, when done well, can be a powerful tool in helping people remember the story of what God did in their lives […]

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Cowboy Muffin Recipe

by Miranda LehmanPosted Oct 7, 2020


Autumn is here, temperatures are dropping, and school is in full-swing. With all the business of this season, there’s nothing better than fresh muffins on the breakfast table! Check out this Cowboy Blueberry Muffin recipe that will have the whole family jumping for joy! Cowboy Breakfast Blueberry Muffins Ingredients: 1 cup Oatmeal 1 cup Flour […]

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Staff Profile: Connor “Brolympus” Gulledge

by Jenny SowersPosted Sep 29, 2020

Connor Gulledge

Connor Gulledge just completed his first year on full-time staff at Pine Cove and gratefully recalls when the Lord made it clear to him that camp is where he would land for his first full-time job. Our conversation turned from serious to silly really quickly, and his most embarrassing camp moment will make your jaw […]

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