Scenic view of trees at camp

Asher’s Rainbow

by Elizabeth MoorePosted Mar 16, 2021


At the start of 2014, David and Misti Maddron’s family had recently doubled in size. Adam and Autumn, both adopted like the oldest, Andrew, had just joined their family, and Misti was about to give birth to their first biological child, Asher. In the midst of this rapid family growth, Andrew, a third grader, heard […]

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Family Camp 2021 Theme: Presence

by Chris SherrodPosted Mar 9, 2021


“You make known to me the path of life; in your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore.” – Psalm 16:11 We pray that this resource is a helpful tool to connect your family through the Scriptures. Please be encouraged that, as it says in Isaiah 55:11, God’s Word will never return […]

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Summer is Short

by Tracey EysterPosted Mar 5, 2021


Have you ever looked over at your kid and thought, “Hey, you are growing up! Where has the time gone?” I think we all do—if not, you may not be paying attention!  I have heard it said, “The days are long, but the years are short,” and while that sounds “off” when you stop and […]

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Kids Having Fun is Important Work

by Tracey EysterPosted Mar 5, 2021

Kids Having Fun

If there is anything Pine Cove has taught me as a mom, it is that kids having fun is about a whole lot more than just kids having fun. It is difficult today to process all that is going on in our lives and to juggle our responsibilities, activities, and relationships. The loads that we […]

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Encouraging a Heart for Serving Others

by Tracey EysterPosted Mar 5, 2021


A word that gets thrown around a lot when it comes to frustration with children is their propensity to have a sense of entitlement. It comes naturally, and it comes early. Watch any group of two-year-olds play together and the act of snatching and you’ll see the verbalization of “mine” is a regular occurrence. That […]

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Staff Profile: Kristen “Good Sherpa” Ray

by Anna BirchPosted Mar 2, 2021

Kristen Ray

Kristen “Good Sherpa” Ray may not have worked at camp during her college days, but she has made quite the impact while she has been on Pine Cove’s full-time staff the past few years! From working with retreats, leading a Pine Cove City team, and now pouring into the women in the Forge, Pine Cove’s […]

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Movie-Themed Camp Names

by Anna BirchPosted Feb 17, 2021

Captain America costumes

From Disney cartoons to action flicks, movies are common themes behind some of the best camp names. We gathered up a few of our favorites (sorted by genre) and would love to know if you can guess the titles behind a few of the more obscure references!  Cartoons/Family: Dinglehopper Princess Pee-a Therpopolis Princess and the […]

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Bigger Than Our Barriers: Sofika’s Story

by Emily HarmonPosted Feb 17, 2021


Scaling your way to the top of a huge climbing wall. Trying out a daring flip on the bungee trampoline. Making your way up, around, and over an inflatable obstacle course. Each of these Pine Cove City activities may seem challenging at first, but every year campers and counselors face them head on, breaking down […]

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Nourishment in the Desert

by Kelcie HuffsticklerPosted Feb 17, 2021

camper mom

Though not all bad, the year 2020 took a couple of gut punches to our family, just like millions of others. We arrived at the New Year’s Conference at Pine Cove bruised and weary. My father-in-law had died tragically a couple of months earlier, and my husband was painfully recovering from back surgery. With our […]

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Guess the Camp Name

by Pine CovePosted Feb 17, 2021

name tag closeup

Who doesn’t love a good camp name story? (We sure can’t think of anyone!) Think you could figure out someone’s name just by hearing their story? Below are seven real camp name stories. See if you can pick out the actual camp names, then check your answers at the bottom! 1. Mulan is my favorite […]

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