Scenic view of trees at camp

Orientation 2019

by Chelsea ConnorPosted May 21, 2019


This week of staff orientation has been awesome! It just feels so right having all of our staff back at camp again. There’s a lot of training that happens this week, including going through the Pine Cove Way (our staff handbook), learning how to run an activity class, studying up on the cabin Bible study, […]

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We Love These Camp Names

by Chelsea ConnorPosted May 15, 2019


Pine Cove has a lot of awesome traditions, but arguably the best is the Name Game. Nothing says “welcome to the culture” like getting up on stage in front of a hundred or so near-strangers and spilling your most embarrassing moments within a few days of arriving at camp! Every staffer enters the Name Game […]

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Pine Cove’s In-Depth Guide to Closing Celebration and Pre-Registration at Youth Camp

by Mikayla CervantesPosted May 14, 2019


We hope you had a great week and we are excited to see you back for Closing Celebration tomorrow! Upon arrival, we know you will be looking forward to seeing your camper and hearing about their experience. Amidst the excitement, you may have a few questions throughout the pick-up process. Where do I go when […]

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Middle School is Tough

Posted May 8, 2019


Are you raising a middle school-aged “man-child”? You are not alone! One mom shares from the heart her experiences of parenting her middle school son and how Pine Cove has impacted his confidence and spiritual development. “With Pine Cove’s help each summer, I feel more confident about the man he’s becoming.” – Camper mom Landon […]

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Dropping Our Pens

by Carrie LangemeierPosted May 7, 2019


Mommy. The title that unites all women as mothers of little people. But how do we live out our role of “mommy” when our little people are becoming big? One of our closest friends was brought into his boss’s office one day out of the blue. Shockingly, and abruptly, he was informed he no longer […]

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A Church Equipped

by Shelly RoarkPosted Apr 23, 2019


Rebecca Ross was brand new to the ministry staff at North Metro Church in Marietta, Georgia, when she heard about a kids outreach that was, well… different. “It was my fourth day on the job when a friend of mine called me and said, “There’s this camp you need to learn about,” Rebecca recalls. At […]

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New Pine Cove Gear

by Chelsea ConnorPosted Apr 23, 2019


Since we specialize in summer camp, we are partial to a good summer accessory. Give us a cool and comfy T-shirt, a well-designed water bottle, and a stylish hat, and we are happy campers! Every summer, campers and staffers alike line up at the camp store during free time, on the forever search for the […]

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Staff Profile: Caleb “Wheelin N Dealin” Carter

by Chelsea ConnorPosted Apr 22, 2019


Caleb “Wheelin N Dealin” Carter is the new camp director at the Ranch in East Texas, and we are thrilled to have him back at Pine Cove! He has been in his fair share of skits from his summer staff days (this one is an all-time favorite), and everyone at the Ranch will be blessed […]

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Burnt Bacon and the Love of God

by Craig LangemeierPosted Apr 16, 2019


A few weeks ago my youngest son grabbed my phone and captured this picture as the morning sun was shining through our front door window. It was one of those beautiful bright mornings, and the shining sun seemed like it was bursting into our home. We stopped to soak it in and to appreciate the […]

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Easter Family Resources

by Chelsea ConnorPosted Apr 16, 2019


It’s important for kids to be able to have concrete ways to visualize and learn the concept of Easter. With that in mind, we rounded up a few simple resources to help share the story of Easter with your family this weekend! There’s something to watch, something to bake, a story to tell through objects, […]

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