Scenic view of trees at camp

Jiggs: A Ranch Legend

by Susan AndreonePosted Jul 2, 2019


leg * end : a famous or important person who is known for doing something extremely well. His is a simple life in East Texas. Born in 1956, Jiggs Robert Gafney is the youngest of three boys born into a loving, tight-knit family of five. Living with an intellectual disability since birth, he was a […]

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First Half Recap 2019

by Kristen MurphyPosted Jun 26, 2019

Summer has been awesome so far! We’ve loved every minute, and though we won’t love saying goodbye to our first half staff this weekend, it’s definitely fun looking back on what has happened. Editor’s note: We *may* have estimated on the crocs. And the blob height. But seriously, the crocs are everywhere!

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Camper Quotes

by Chelsea ConnorPosted Jun 26, 2019


“Camper Share” is a long-held tradition at Pine Cove. On Fridays across most of our camps, including Camp in the City, campers have a chance to take the microphone and share what God taught them during their time at camp. Elementary-aged campers naturally share things a little different than high school campers, but we love […]

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More Fun Camp Names

by Chelsea ConnorPosted Jun 26, 2019


We’re always impressed by the embarrassing moments, the creativity, and the puns that make camp names possible. For example, “This Squirrel is on Fire” is a perfect mix for a great name. He had a pet squirrel in college (!), and he once accidentally set his front yard on fire. The list of new names […]

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Did You Say Two Weeks of Camp?

by Pine CovePosted Jun 24, 2019

Timbers Amplify two-week campers floating in a lazy river at a water park.

Some of our campers just can’t get enough of Pine Cove. And we love it! Our two-week programs offered at Timbers, Shores and Ridge are equipping campers to live for Christ beyond their time in high school. A Timbers Amplify counselor tells us her experience seeing lives transformed after two weeks at camp.   As […]

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Do You Know Your Neighbors?

by Shelly RoarkPosted Jun 18, 2019


Do you know your neighbors? We have an entire congregation of them! Galilee Baptist Church sits right across the country road from Pine Cove’s East Texas main office. Members of the congregation and Pine Cove staffers have always been “neighborly” to each other and, a few months back, church members hosted a luncheon for the […]

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Rock the Dock

by Valerie MorbyPosted Jun 18, 2019


Recommended music to read by: Dock Rock Playlist by PC Shores When camp is really humming at Pine Cove in the summer, there are many places you can find campers: the pool, the air-conditioned gym, the ropes course up in the trees. But as Thursday afternoon turns into evening, there’s just one place you can […]

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Embracing Today’s Season

by Scott KedershaPosted Jun 11, 2019


One of my biggest failures as a dad is how often I’ve wished away the parenting years. At first I couldn’t wait until my kids slept through the night. Then I couldn’t wait until they were out of diapers. After that I couldn’t wait until our oldest (twins) went to school. Then I was ready for […]

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Woods Construction Updates

by Chelsea ConnorPosted Jun 11, 2019


If you’ve been following along, you remember when we first showed some construction update photos in this blog and then more recent ones here. Well here we are, in Summer 2019, and look how amazing these completed projects are! Let’s start with Azalea, shall we? Yes, those are two-bedroom suites for families, and yes, those […]

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Staff Profile: Joanna “Rajmaninoff” Benjamin

by Evan RobertsPosted Jun 4, 2019


Joanna “Rajmaninoff” Benjamin is the Women’s Director at Chimney Point. She has a long history with Pine Cove, is an Aggie, and is so dedicated to skits that once she suggested some of her hair be cut off on stage for dramatic effect.   How did you end up at Pine Cove? I was a […]

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