"If you knew the years I have prayed for breakthroughs for very difficult personality dynamics in our family, you'd either create a new Pine Cove 'dance of joy' for us or join me in an ugly cry as my heart expresses deep thanks to our Heavenly Father for the new work he has begun in our previously stuck and angry family." Read More

"I turned to a lot of wrong things instead of God, I chose to ignore and run from him, came to camp unwillingly... so glad I came. Met awesome Christian people and had good clean fun. God loves you for who you are... I finally realized that. It took me almost 18 years."

"So aside from having a blast and becoming the best Geaux Geaux ball player the country has ever seen, Noah is being transformed as he is being pursued by God. I have seen more joy and less anger. And these scriptures will be hidden in his heart for the rest of his life." Read More

"I love how Madden was stirred spiritually this past week. He has spent the last weekend reading his Early Reader Bible cover to cover. I am moved beyond words at his desire to learn more about Jesus. This experience has truly been a life changing and inspirational week." –Camp in the City Parent

"It still blows me away to see the ways the Lord molded and changed me through the past summer at pine cove. Truly not the same as I was." View Larger

"Great week of worship for my children, but indirectly affected the kids' grandfather as he brought them to and from camp. It made him more expressive about his faith." -Camp in the City Parent

"Pine cove opened up my eyes so much! I could literally throw my phone into the trash can, and not care about it ever again." View Larger

"I accepted God into my heart and for him to control my life. In that moment I felt a giant tsunami of love and joy wash over me... The moment I accepted him everything in me went quiet. I was like an ocean after a storm, calm and peaceful."

"it's amazing how one week of pinecove can change your life forever" View Larger